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WaterPlants Warfare


Download Water Plants Warfare for FREE now and play the latest and most addictive biological warfare strategy game! Your goal is to conquer the world with your army of duckweed water plants. These plants grow so fast and you can help them grow even faster by adjusting the weather. Start in a small lake and make your way toward all the rivers, lakes, and sea with your duckweed. Conquer other plants and win this plant genetic warfare once and for all!Are you looking for a unique game that combines the best elements of a strategy game and combine it with an arcade game? Try playing Water Plants Warfare now and feel the thrill of a cool biological warfare game that requires both strategy and skill to win. However, this strategy game is still quite easy to understand so that players from every age and gaming experience level can enjoy waging genetic warfare against other water plants.
Plant games are not as popular as other types of strategy games yet. However, once you play them, you will find that they are very addictive. You can’t underestimate the power of these plant army. They will take over the lakes and rivers in no time. You have the task to aid these waterplants to conquer the world by directing them and adjusting the temperature so they can thrive in their environment.
=========================================HIGHLIGHTED Features of Water Plants Warfare: =========================================
•FREE to download and play. Play this game for free anytime and anywhere on your device.
•Attractive game design and graphic. Who says plants is boring? Our colorful game design will attract any gamers’ attention and kids will also love to play our plant games.
•Simple rules and gameplay. Our game play is pretty simple and you will know your mission for each level.
•Choose your favorite duckweed! You can choose with duckweed you prefer. Each type of waterplant has its own plus and minus so make the right choice to be able to win the level.
•Guide your duckweed army to victory with the in built joystick panel. Guide them through the lake and river while adjusting the weather so they can grow and takeover the world.
•Engage in a biological warfare against other plants! Use your fast growth to your advantage
•34 exciting levels with more to come! We create 24 addictive levels and we are planning to release more cool levels as we update our game.
Updates! We keep improving our game. We continue to fix bugs and create more challenging levels to play. Play every day to improve your skill! Improve your strategy skill and reaction time by playing Water Plants Warfare every day. Winning a genetic warfare isn’t easy and experience matters. The more you play, the more you understand how to beat each level successfully. Do you think growing army of waterplants are easy? Why don’t you try it out yourself? See if the challenges we throw on your way can defeat you and your duckweed army from conquering all the lakes and rivers in the game.
Challenge your friends and family! Share our strategy game and let your friends and family know about this cool plant game. Although there are many games on the Appstore, finding a unique and challenging game like ours is not as easy as it seems. Tell your friends how much fun you have in this plants warfare game.We love to hear from our players! If you have an issue during gameplay, please don’t hesitate to let us know through our email address We will also appreciate your support through your reviews and ratings.
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